The introduction posting.

***WARNING. This first (and probably next few posts), are going to be extremely boring, please bear with me for the coolness k?***

This is, indeed my first ever posting/attempt at the blogging spectrum of things, & to be honest I am kind of terrified.
I do however spend what seems an eternity on the computer, doing things I (mostly) don’t enjoy.
Thus, this little adventure has crept its way into my mind, & after seeing some very talented friends of mine making their own marks, such as

I decided hey why not give it a shot, eh? The worst that could possibly happen, is I don’t enjoy it, & it disappears from my life right?

So, what do I have to lose? Here, here I can post everything I love, like, enjoy, loathe, desire, require, despise & need, without the fear of supervision, or too much criticism.

My professional experience, is loaded with stories, some amazing, some ridiculously fun as well as some rather terrifying and crazy adventures I’ve gone through in the industry I work in.
This is, ladies and gents the fashion world. Don’t pull out the streamers, trumpets and party hats,
because behind the amazing world of fashion, are hoards and hoards of people, working unspeakable hours,
to get the masses dressed ‘n decent for everyday exhibiting.

Here I plan to log as much as I can, my daily efforts, discoveries, obstacles and delights, as I work my way into a different field.
My career has been one I have tolerated because it is one I was thrown into, despite my objections.
Illustration has always made me happy, seeing something, someone come to life on paper/computer screen/ canvas,
has to be one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever experienced,
something I aim to do for the rest of my working career, so here goes. Hope you’re all ready!