Presenting Tia

After months and months of not even bothering to touch paper or pencil,
I have recently started sketching, on a daily basis.
My first post speaks of why and how I am where I am professionally, and what I am doing to make things change for myself.
Illustrating, is one of those things.
Working on Illustrator & Photoshop has opened my eyes and imagination,
to the possibilities that may materialize once my skills are at a more professional level.
For now, I will continue learning, and practicing, posting and primping, and hopefully collect a massive amount of work.
Do feel free to post comments etc regarding my work/ projects I am taking on and let me know what you think!!

One of my first girls, Tia x

*All rights reserved, artwork is property of Tanith Lambi, please do not use without my authorization/consent.
If you want to use the artwork, please link it back to my page, and inform me via email.

Ta ta for now lovelies!