Daily Inspirationals

For many of us, the daily commute to work, is well, kind of silent eh?
The constant jiggle of the metro-bus has some of us tightening up our muscles for rather long durations, ha.
It is also the time that many take to themselves as they begin their days, wether it be for school, work or pleasure.
We gotta get somewhere, somehow.
Sometimes when I’m traveling with the countless strangers that I see on a daily basis,
I sit and wonder, what is it that is going through this persons mind right now?
I’m sure there are some pretty intense thoughts that pummel each persons grey matter,
and sometimes, just sometimes, there’s no thought going on at all.
Something impossible for the female sex to comprehend, according to Russel Peters.
I personally take this time, when I can sit my ass down, and use it to sketch.
It’s where I get a lot of my sketching done actually.
There are many a strange folk on the metro/bus transport system, that also likewise use this time to their benefit. I have been
approached from strangers about why I decided to purchase junk food (namely McDonalds).
Of course there is the frequent visit from the homeless people, begging, or not begging but sometimes expecting.
Then you have the school girls, the business men, the moms and screaming kids, the Impressionists,
fashionistas, and totally clueless fashion victims, and of course, the people
who think its ok to treat the system as their trash can, or even more attractive, their bathrooms. Ugh.
the sights these eyes have seen have definitely left some temporary (perhaps blocked out) scars.

Regardless or this, it still doesn’t stop me from wondering what is going through people’s minds, day in and day out.
Is everyone worried about money? Perhaps there are some sick family members, or loved ones? I have spotted (and been) the
rare teary eyed girl, the love struck, and the completely pissed off.

You may wonder why I am discussing the common life of everyday people, and I think I can explain my thought process. I see people
everyday, unfortunately I don’t get to work with the public, because I do find great delight in talking to people, as I get quite a bit of
my information from the people I meet, which I later research about, if the topic is of interest to me.
In meeting these people, experiences are shared, thoughts, ideas, feelings, anger, love, hate but most of all
I see goodness in people, and I really try with the creepy ones, I swear.

“You never know who you’ll meet, so be nice to everyone” something I was taught from a young age. Although
this is kind of hard when you’re a blossoming teenager being approached by some seedy old man.

You know what I’m getting at.

Sooo, the long babble of this post is to say, that I have thought about, and am kind of interested in possibly trying to meet
people, people I see every day. Young, old, tall, short, fat, thin, unhealthy, healthy, rich, poor, just people.

And just talk to them. I don’t know why I thought of this,
but its an idea that’s been swimming in my head for months. Normally, these ideas
they stick around for a reason. So, in attempting this blog, I would like to include the inspiration
I get from these daily people I meet. It’s an adventure I’m curiously waiting to start,
a bit hesitant, because there are some crazies out there,
but  I think we owe it to our society, to pay a little more attention to our neighbors.

Be they on the bus, or living right next door.

Ta ta for now lovelies x