Where are you taking me?

I decided I’m going to post one of the most recent projects I have finished,
and am using to start-up my illustration portfolio.
Her name is Lady. She is adorable. I have sketched several of these since her, and have been
working on developing them when I have the time after work. She appeared out of nowhere,
and now she and her friends grace the pages of my sketchbook daily. New friends are being added,
and I can’t seem to keep up with the pace of characters I am developing.
it is great fun, and since starting this adventure, to create a portfolio I’d be able to show
to publishing houses, Illustration agencies, has only been enjoyable.
I am excited at the prospect of a possible career change, however I know much needs to be
done before I make it to the Pina Colada sipping stages.
The first smile, of a collection to come x

Lady was sketched freehand, and then later transferred into Photoshop,
where I dabbled, and played for hours until I was satisfied
with her outfit .Ha! She makes me laugh and smile, I think
nothing bad when I look at her, and almost want to pat myself on the back
considering this time last year, I knew very little if not nothing about using
Adobe Photoshop for such creative outlets. I also used Shutterstock for some basic images & effects.

I have to say I am quite pleased with the turnout of Lady, and can not wait to show you what’s next!
I hope you enjoy and look forward to all feedback as usual!

Thanks lovelies x