Number two.
I don’t believe it. I’m progressing.
Slowly, but I’m progressing.
I just finished my second girl, for a portfolio project I’m working on.
The girls being one distinct part of it.

I’d like to introduce Gitta.

My procedure is still rather raw, I work on the girls when I have time to spare,
which is normally weeknights and most weekends. I’ve been tinkering
with ideas as to how to take this blog along, being my first & all.

when i realized. Man, its your blog, make it what you want, its suppose to be fun.

So, I’ll be using this blog, to submit my artwork, keep track and record
of my steady progress, and comment and post stuff, that i freaking love
and am inspired by. So here goes, this is what I wanted to do with Gitta.

i really hope you enjoy it . x.


Gitta is walking the shopping streets of Harajuku, (image can be found on Lookbook,  I forget whom I took it from
however I am not taking credit for your photo. If you know who this photo belongs to, please contact me…)

Anyway, on with the story of Gitta.

So, shes strolling the streets of Harajuku, it’s a lovely fall day out. Just warm enough to throw on a
comfy and adorable cotton knit cardigan with knitted detachable Badger stole from Asos in black.
Before putting on her delightful sweater however, she slipped on a softly draped camisole tank with delicate bow detailing, also from Asos. There’s a noticeable fluttering around Gittas neckline,
from the Lanvin petal necklace she threw on as she ran out the door. Her finger is wrapped in a delicate lace ring.

Framing her pretty candyfloss face, are a pair of juicy fruit colored Matthew Williamson  Neon Optical Sunglasses.
Her crushed velvet looking pants were somewhat of a happy mistake, taken from a Zara pant, and mishap masking. Sometimes I get lucky.

Like everything else on Gitta, her Messenger Bag from Marc by marc Jacobs is nothing
short of conveniently match-able with almost everything.

I finished off her outfit with a pair of suede grape red platform wedges, with back zip
up, and long draped pieces at front which could be tied.

Hey, I sketch what i like.x

The links once again:

Knitted wool cardigan, with detachable knitted badger stole £50,00 from Asos
(heart elbow patches NOT included).
Cami with bow front £25,00, from Asos.
Lanvin Petal Necklace, $765,00, available at Ssense.
Messenger Bag, $590,00, Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Pants: by Tanith.
Shoes: by Tanith.
Lace ring: by Tanith.

Please do enjoy,