Quicker than the swiftest fox I must…..

……….post this, well… post. I’m not being lazy y’all. I’m working night and day to get my sketchbook that i entered for Sketchbook Project 2012 done in color, before it goes on it’s global tour. I feel somewhat pompous saying that my sketchbook is going on tour. Ha.

Pompous in a “I love tea n’ scones, and insane electro music” kinda way. WOMP. So I thought I’d share a sneak peek as to what I’ve been working on. Two pages out of my mini sketchbook submission. This sketchbook was, well, the starting gunshot of my ludacrious yet strangily familiar and fun journey to reclaiming my ‘discarded’ skill. After not having sketched for fun in years, I decided, “EFF THAT MAN” haha.Yup. And started playing around with things again. I found the sketchbook project, online, and decided, well. This is a way to kick your ass into gear. Ambi.xo

I was thinking of a name for her, and my moms name almost hit me in the forehead. She had stunning long black hair, the thickest, longest lashes you could imagine. Constantly applying mascara and eyeliner, which totally saturated her magnificent green eyes, to their deepest, clearest tone. She also LOVED fashion. Wore her clothing like a real stunner. She reminded me of her. So, I shall call her Ambi. Enjoy. xo

I also decided, (stupidly) to let the website choose my theme for me. Which I have to admit, I did very little with. It turned out to be “Monochromatic”. Now.


I am not a ‘monochromatic’ kind of anything. I ADORE color. And that bloody stupid and most irritating question, what is your favourite color. I mean really? How could you possibly decide on one?! Thats like asking a woman to decide on only two pairs of sh…..you know where thats going. impossible.

SO, I hope you’re all looking forward to the rest of my sketchbook, as much as I’m getting ants in my pants to get home to work on it. That feelin’s back y’all. Bam.