Taking care of business

Hello. Over here in Montreal, we are delightfully enjoying the almost spring that is upon us. I say almost because after 12 yrs of living in this city, I have come to an understanding with winter. It ain’t over until its almost June. Yes. So while the beams of sun that are invading my window warm up our homes and hearts, I stand aware, that there is still more mischevious snow lurking about. Waiting to pillow fight us with their cold cold little bodies.

But winter. Spring is coming.

Oh yeah. Anyway. I have been doing quite a bit of research. This blog, is really about my wanting to become an illustrator. A full time, freelance illustrator. I’m very new to blogging. As you can see, my blog is not in a fluid state. I have no idea how to organize things, or if I can file things like I please. Blogging, indeed intimidates me. I see tons of blogs on a daily basis. I save a ton of them too. The information that is thrown at us, is like the ton of dirty laundry one hides in the closet from mom. Mainly tons of rubbish, but you know there’s a “clean” shirt in there somewhere.
I can not promise to always have crisp,clean laundry. What I can promise to have is a blog that explains how I work, whom I admire, what I have learnt, and people who have influenced me. Illustration to me, is when you do that thing, that just, it makes your mind empty. It clears it, all I am focused on is the visual I see in front of me. The colors. What texture do I want. All my thoughts and questions are about my visual. No problems are allowed in my head when Im in that space. No rent bugging me. No how am I going to pay the electricity. It is just that state of being completely enveloped in what I am trying to create, what I am trying to say. It feels awesome. When you get to that moment, where you start grinning like an idiot, because its turning out exactly how you wanted it to. It’s saying exactly what you want it to say. And you laugh, at yourself. For doubting yourself. You kinda give yourself a silent pat of pride, on your own back. Smirking while you’re finishing it off. When you finally show it off. Cause you know you’re showing it off. And not in a cocky “I’m the shit” kind of way. But in the same (yes, ridiculously cheesy comparision to follow)kind of way a kid whos just learnt how to communicate his/her message via art, feels. Proud. Someone understands what I’m demonstrating.

So, as I continue to read, explore, practice, talk and learn. I will blog. I initially started the blog, with the idea in mind of submitting daily work that I do. But, with work, and my sketchbook that I’m trying to finish, and show as a collection, there’s not much time for me to submit pieces. So I figure a better way to contribute to my blog, myself and whomever decides to follow, would be to discuss the websites that I check out, peoples work that I admire, with some stuff I have worked on before. Slowling documenting my progress. My taking care of business. of illustration business. getting to where I want to be business. I don’t promise corporate professionalism. I promise, art, illustration, people.ideas.frustrations.successes.fails.influences.dreams.help.contacts.sharing.working.
failing. successes.

I will leave you with a piece I did a while ago. In my really early stages of exploring Illustrator as a creative tool. I was a culprit of submitting live trace material to Threadless.Yes. Yes I was.

Threadless Loves 2k10 Challenge

My submission for Threadless 2k10 challenge.

I personally love the piece. Even in its awful live trace state. Of course threadless didn’t print it. I think perhaps its controversial message, along with the terrible live trace material was all just a little bit too much. Haha. It is still a piece of work I love, and will re-do again. Now that I have become more familiar with photoshop. I hope you enjoy, and understand the message behind it. I’m thinking of re-doing it and submitting it for Threadless Loves Gap.

I’d love to hear what you’re thoughts are 🙂

Thanks guys.love the connection.xo.Bobolouli