Sketchbook Project 2012-Finally Up!


For those of you that have been following my blog and adventure to becoming a freelance illustrator, you would know that I entered Arthouse Co-Ops 2012 Sketchbook Project last year. It has finally been scanned and uploaded (in pencil) on their website! FInally.  You’d also know, that I was attempting to get the entire sketchbook done in color so I could show that off too at the same time. Alas (yes, that word is still in popular use) I have not had as much free personal time to get this done entirely. Some of the posts are on Clutterbox Creative already, some are not. I have managed to do about half of the book, and will be submitting the artwork in color, with their plain pencil sketches to compare. For now, I’d like to leave you with the link, to arthouse co-ops online version of the sketchbook, and a piece that I am currently working on.


Thanks for all the support I have recieved from the individuals following me, as well as my friends and family. It means more than you know xo

Online Sketchbook