Sketchbook Project-Monochromatic-In color

Hello loves,

I thought it was time to add some of the sketchbook pages I have been working on. I did have a ton of fun illustrating these guys, and coloring them in. Experimenting in Photoshop and Illustrator has been nothing but fun, if at times deeply frustrating. It feels great to be working on subject matter I care deeply about, as opposed to trying to make something I think will work for a market I really am not interested in.

I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I did making them! Some of them I wished would just come alive and pop off my pages. Remember those days? When you found an animation, and wished you could just turn into one? I recall spending endless hours, under water swishing about, in a manner I thought mermaids did, making my hair flow all wavy and pretending that my spandex swimsuit had magically transformed into scales & fins, and that Eric would somehow appear out of no where to whisk me away. Ha!. haha. Oh I laugh at my mind sometimes.

Any of these lovelies responsible for making you smile ta’day?