For Japan. & Yuki.

A while ago, I posted a very basic outline of a young girl, crying, with a bandanna on her head. The bandanna had a large cherry red dot in the middle. That piece, was inspired by a young 18 yr old girl, that I spotted on Lookbook while making wish-lists of the clothing I saw all my fellow Montreal fashion loyals wearing. I spotted. Yuki.

Her face made me click. It was around the time of the life changing events Japan faced last year. She looked sad. Of course I admired the outfit, style of a rebellious love angel. I decided to save her picture because she just pulled at my heart strings.

Under her photo, was a little excerpt, she said she was trying to raise money at her school for the Japan Red Cross. Some of the lookbook comments were ones no person would like. She defended herself well. So I decided to do this piece for her. I noticed upon starting the piece. That Yuki was actually crying in the photo. Heartstrings almost snapped….

If she can still use it to sell, and all profits go to the Japan Red Cross, or a similiar charity we can both agree on, then I’d be more than happy, just hanging onto the rights of the artwork. Yuki, I hope, if you see this, you like it.If you want me to take it down however, I’ll gladly do so. I hope you managed to do just what you set out to accomplish.