Portrait Work for Best Friends 30th

Im not going to start off by apologizing for not posting for ages, but I will start off by saying that I’ve been working hard, even if I havent posted! Ha. I did the following project for my best friends 30th. I had wanted to give her something meaningful, that she’d remember that was not so much for a materialistic purpose but more for sentiment. She’s still daunted by the 30s, so I used a saying by Plato ” He who is of calm and happy nature, will hardly feel the pressure of age. But to him who is of opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden.”

Sarah's 30th portrait

Portrait for my best friends 30th.

What are your thoughts? I did have an awful alot of learning to do with this piece, as I did alot of it in photoshop, and then brought it over into illustrator, and played with it. Then swatched it, filled the squares. the thing is, being self taught, I’m not all that clear on pixel ratio and document size, so I went really huge in photoshop, which let me tell you resulted in a lot of re-saving, downsizing the document, re-saving.Checking.The printers. wow. Poor fellas. Rubiks helped me alot with printing. They’re pretty alright. Ha. Thanks guys.

Still chuffed though.  Enjoyed this piece immensely. Thoughts, comments, compliments and the like are welcomed. So is criticism. If anyone else feels for a lovely self portrait, or of one of someone (or something ) dear to them. My contact email beckons you 🙂

Thanks for the continued support, ass kicking and encouragement. The honesty, the love and the teachings.