Old dishcloth, revamped artwork

So I have (or better said had) a dishcloth from my mom that I use to absolutely adore. I say use to because its really at the garbage bin stages. It’s stained, its old, its got holes, and after my partner mentioned that it is an old south american superstition to keep things that are old and tattered and especially have holes, well, I’ve decided to let go of it. Before I did that though, I made a point to scan the artwork of the dishcloth, and re-do it, just because I know how precious it was to my mom. I’m not sure of the original artists name, (the signature has deteriorated into a hole ) but i remember he was french, and he had many many more romantic artworks like these.

I’d like to mention again, this is NOT my artwork, but my reworking of a particular artwork that I admire. If anyone knows the artists name, I would love it if you could get in touch with me 🙂

I’ve always loved the artworks. I recall another beautiful pink one that my mom had, sadly it’s days were limited. Don’t you get the most nostalgic feeling from this piece? Perhaps it is the romanticism in the picture, the simplicity of the artwork, or the entire feeling that one gets from seeing such beautiful meaning in the artwork.