Online Portfolio Progress

Hey guys, so I’ve been working away at updating an old artwork that everyone seems to love (and have a major opinion on) you can find the original artwork here. This was a piece that I had done when I initially started out experimenting with Illustrator. More specifically, the live trace tool. Man did I enjoy that tool when I figured out what it can do, ha. But, as the years have gone by, I have thankfully progressed my skills enough to know, that Live tracing, doesnt always give you the most flattering outcome. So, I decided I’d re-do that artwork and that is what my current project at hand is. However, in the midst of all this happening, I wanted to share my progress with you on my portfolio link. I’ve collected some 600 plus Kudos from fellow artists and clients who have come across my portfolio, and can not be any more thankful! 600 in a couple of months is pretty amazing! The comments and support have been so wonderful. I can only imagine what is in store for me, I feel wonderful things arising as I have already found freelance work with 3 clients on If you have a moment, take a look see at my online portfolio. There is a bunch of work there that I do not have posted on here, only because it is more tailored to fashion than to illustration.

Heres the link to my portfolio:

Hope you are all having wonderful Mondays!

Ta for now,