My Etsy store Bigshotbobo is now open!

Hello Hello my dear friends!
I hope you were all greeted with warmth and safety today.
my thoughts are with our fellow east coasters, as they scurry around, trying to gauge
the damages that good old Sandy dealt out yesterday..

Whilst the east coast of North America was stomaching its lashings from mother nature, I was nursing a not so good stomach at home.
This did however allow for me to focus on taking pictures of my prints
yesterday, and finally get to posting them on Etsy!!!

I went with the name Bigshotbobo because i like its ring..aling. haha.

So, without further adieu, I present to you some of my most favourite prints, and the opening of, Bigshotbobo.

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It’s in its first days clearly, and I can already tell you I feel the photos need to be re-taken. Being a first time tripod user
and professional picture taker is a wonderful learning experience 😉 What do you think? What other changes would
you make to this aspiring shop? I can’t wait to hear your comments and ideas!!

Thanks to all who have been so supportive of what I do, you are so loved.