The Managing Butler

Good Monday morning to ya! I hope everyone’s doing well. Getting in that warm morning beverage. At least up North we are. haha. I spent alot of my weekend doing some Christmas shopping, getting some great gifts at ridiculous prices from F21 & H&M. I also had a dinner with friends this weekend, which was lovely as usual. Sunday we woke up to a flurry of well, flurries. haha. Didn’t stop us though from going to Ovarium located at 400 Rue Beaubien Est  Montreal, QC H2S 1S3. We went in for our first flotation bath experience, followed by an hour long massage. Because if the many hours I spend in from of the computer for work, I requested that my shoulders and back be focused on the most. Needless to say, we left feeling as if we were floating. Ha. I didn’t even try with that pun! In the midst of all the action going on in my life, I did get to work on a new piece of artwork.The-Butler-sneak-peekHe’s called The Managing Butler.
I’ve been listening to alot of Abe Hicks lately. Well, Abe & Esther. I can’t get enough of them! One of the ways they encourage you to envision that which you desire, is to imagine that which you want, and then write it down on a list for your manager. The manager is Source. The Universe, Eternal Energy. Assigning the parts of your visions to the manager that you’d rather he take care of, takes the pressure off you finding a way to get it done, but still allows for your to desire it to your fullest potential, because you know, this is your managers task. Please, don’t only take my babble for it. Watch/Listen to their videos. There’s so much out there you can get your hands on. I know whenever I listen to them, I feel great. I feel amazing. I feel like I can do anything. Really. Call me a quack. Cause let me tell you. Quacks don’t really care. We’re too involved in learning something new and fascinating to be paying attention to what you’re calling our curious minds.But seriously, do your own research. Information is everywhere, there’s really no excuse.
Anyway. So, while I was going through my sketchbook project for 2012, I saw him and immediately thought “Manager!” but he looks alot like a butler, so I’m calling him The Managing Butler. He is in his first layer of color right now. I’m excited to see how I can incorporate texture and shadowing to make him come even more alive. In the mean time, if you’d like to purchase some of my other prints, you can find them in my bigshotbobo shop on Etsy 🙂

Until the next time I pop up for some air to share more delight with you, Have a great holiday season friends.

xo Bobo ox