For Japan. & Yuki.

A while ago, I posted a very basic outline of a young girl, crying, with a bandanna on her head. The bandanna had a large cherry red dot in the middle. That piece, was inspired by… Continue reading

and Baby, baby, baby…nooooo, and bay baby baby ohhhh….

I’m excited to show you guys this piece that i have been working on. I started it this week, and had a good three day weekend to work on it. I’m pretty impressed… Continue reading

Sketchbook project-Pages continued

Here are a few more pages from the sketchbook that I have finished. Some of these guys are just so funny, hahaha. they make me feel great looking at their massive big smiles.… Continue reading

Sketchbook Project-Monochromatic-In color

Hello loves, I thought it was time to add some of the sketchbook pages I have been working on. I did have a ton of fun illustrating these guys, and coloring them in.… Continue reading

Sketchbook Project 2012-Finally Up!

Hello! For those of you that have been following my blog and adventure to becoming a freelance illustrator, you would know that I entered Arthouse Co-Ops 2012 Sketchbook Project last year. It has… Continue reading

A short sweet surprise

Good Evenin.   I couldn’t help myself. I just finished up a page of my sketchbook, and I love the character so much I just had to share her with you all. She’s… Continue reading

Taking care of business

Hello. Over here in Montreal, we are delightfully enjoying the almost spring that is upon us. I say almost because after 12 yrs of living in this city, I have come to an… Continue reading

Quicker than the swiftest fox I must…..

……….post this, well… post. I’m not being lazy y’all. I’m working night and day to get my sketchbook that i entered for Sketchbook Project 2012 done in color, before it goes on it’s… Continue reading



I’m on a roll today eh? nah. It’s just quieted down a bit for me, so I’ve had time to start posting some recent bits I’ve been working on. After submitting my sketchbook… Continue reading