Motivation. Baby step motivation.

A poster I played around with. Pretty self explanatory. Advertisements


Ahem. SO. It’s the beginning of Feb. Shit. Havent posted anything in a bit. I thought Chester would make up for that 😉 He’s seen here with a wonderful double-skull pin that I… Continue reading


Number two. I don’t believe it. I’m progressing. Slowly, but I’m progressing. I just finished my second girl, for a portfolio project I’m working on. The girls being one distinct part of it.… Continue reading

Where are you taking me?

Today, I decided I’m going to post one of the most recent projects I have finished, and am using to start-up my illustration portfolio. Her name is Lady. She is adorable. I have… Continue reading

Daily Inspirationals

For many of us, the daily commute to work, is well, kind of silent eh? The constant jiggle of the metro-bus has some of us tightening up our muscles for rather long durations,… Continue reading

Presenting Tia

After months and months of not even bothering to touch paper or pencil, I have recently started sketching, on a daily basis. My first post speaks of why and how I am where I… Continue reading

The introduction posting.

***WARNING. This first (and probably next few posts), are going to be extremely boring, please bear with me for the coolness k?*** This is, indeed my first ever posting/attempt at the blogging spectrum… Continue reading